Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fuck Jeff Suppan

I really hate it when athletes get involved in politics. Mostly, it's because they are conservatives. But beyond this, most of them are pretty damn stupid. Just because you can throw a ball or catch a touchdown pass doesn't mean that we should listen to your political views. Especially when you're as half-witted as most athletes.

I was pretty ambivalent about rooting for someone in this World Series. It's pretty easy to root for both the Tigers and Cardinals. But now, my decision has been made for me.

Jeff Suppan, second-rate pitcher, has come out against stem-cell research in Missouri, appearing on an advertisement with other white Missouri sports luminaries such as Kurt Warner and Mike Sweeney, as well as some of America's finest actors, whites Patricia Heaton and Jim Caviezel. Jeff Suppan needs to shut the fuck up and concentrate on not sucking tonight. This ad, largely in response to Michael J. Fox's add for Missouri Senate candidate Claire McCaskill, has Suppan and the others urging people to vote against stem-cell research. This is part of a larger attack against Fox, spearheaded by Rush Limbaugh's claims that Fox wasn't taking his medicine that today. More likely is that Limbaugh had taken a large dose of Oxycontin before going on the air, leading to a severe case of assholism.

Also, I wonder what Tony LaRussa and the rest of the Cardinals think about this. No doubt a lot of them agree with him, but do you think they like the attention this is getting? I'm guessing no. I'll also be curious to see what kind of response Suppan gets tonight in the home town of Dick Gephardt.

In any case, Go Tigers!