Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's 2006. Why Are We Having This Conversation?

One of the top stories on CNN--Scarlett Johansson says she's not promiscious.

Who cares? Why does it matter? Because of course it matters to a lot of people. As a society, we seem completely uncomfortable with female sexuality. Even male sexuality is something that remains behind the locker room door. We've supposedly had a sexual revolution and maybe that's true. But mentally, the nation is still deeply affected by its puritanical past. It's like the nation is salivating over Johansson sleeping around, but it has to put up a front like it is horrified she would do so.

Regardless, her saying she doesn't means nothing. It's like the classic Edward R. Murrow interview with Liberace when he asks when there will be a Mrs. Liberace. It's all a game. But why should she have to play that game? Why can't she just say, "I like sex and I explore my sexuality with different people." The answer is obvious--the nation would turn on her and her box office appeal would suffer.

But we are such a mentally and emotionally immature nation. I can't believe it is 2006 and we are having this conversation.