Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Safer, Gentler World

The Yankees lost, again. So simple. So delightful. Like the world is a brighter place. (and the "fire Torre" rumors have begun again, as we all wait, hopeful). And in the midst of losing the series 3-1, the Yankees were shut out for 20 straight innings. That's right folks. 20 straight innings, no runs. Which leads me to the following parting shot to a particularYankee...

...way to come up with the "big hit", Giambi - you sure came through for your teammates like you demand they come through for you.

And to the rest of the Yankees.....


(and while I route for the Tigers, doesnt the thought of New York City celebrating a World Series where the Yankees fans can't brag sound a little nice? But still...go tigers!)