Wednesday, October 18, 2006

George W, Bush, Now It's Personal

Now that the war in Iraq is making my life complicated, I am even more against it.

The fiance of one of my student's is at Walter Reed after being wounded in Iraq and she has to go to him. I didn't ask how serious it was. My feeling from the e-mail is that it is not life-threatening, thank God.

My support for this war was sub-zero anyway. But now not only does someone I know have to deal with the consequences of this gigantic waste of time, money, and life, I have to take my time and help this student catch up. I'm happy to do it for her, as I would with any student who is suffering through a personal crisis. But I blame you, George W. Bush, for this one.

If I supported this war, this would be the way I could sacrifice for it. And let's face, taking some time and helping a student catch up is a far greater sacrifice than most of the war planners and promoters have made. But since I don't support the war, I am just angry.