Sunday, October 15, 2006

NCAA Top 25, Week 8

Another interesting week. I didn't get to watch very much football because of my conference but I don't think most voters (at least in the coaches poll) watch much anyway.

1. Ohio St.

2. West Virginia

3. Michigan

4. USC. I want to drop them so bad but I can't really do so until they lose.

5. Louisville

6. Texas

7. Tennessee

8. California

9. Florida

10. Auburn

11. Notre Dame

12. Georgia Tech

13. Boise St.

14. Clemson

15. Oregon

16. LSU

17. Arkansas

18. Oklahoma--I wonder how much trouble they're in with Peterson out for the season. Will they struggle or will the poor state of the Big 12 allow them to cruise?

19. Nebraska

20. Boston College

21. Rutgers--Not that Navy is that great or anything, but that was a really nice win.

22. Texas A&M

23. Missouri--Not a good game for the Tigers

24. Wisconsin

25. Pittsburgh--Watch out for the Panthers. The Big East is surprisingly good and may be better than the ACC

Close--Wake Forest (nice win over NC St.), Georgia (that was a horrible loss to Vanderbilt but I still think they'll come back and have a good season), Iowa (also a horrible loss to Indiana), Tulsa (watch out for the Golden Hurricanes!), Florida St. (begrudgingly).