Sunday, October 08, 2006

NCAA Top 25, Week 7

If Oregon had to lay an egg, I'm glad it was the same day the Yankees lost. At least the day was still good. But Cal kicked the living hell out of them.

On a brighter note, it is nice to have a Top 25 with neither Florida St. or Miami.

1. Ohio St.

2. West Virginia

3. Florida--really took LSU to the woodshed. Very good team.

4. Michigan

5. USC--They keep pulling them out against the poorer Pac-10 teams. They are lucky they don't have Oregon or Cal until November.

6. Louisville--I don't know that this team is really the 6th best team in the country but they keep winning and winning nicely.

7. Texas--moving back into national championship contention. I wouldn't be too surprised to see them drop one at some point but they hammered Oklahoma.

8. Tennessee--What they did to Georgia was extremely impressive. Too bad they can never beat Florida when it counts.

9. California--Stupid Tedford and his stupid Bears.

10. Notre Dame--Everyone always says, oooh, what a tough schedule. Give me a break. They have one halfway challenging team on the rest of the schedule.

11. Georgia Tech--Nice comeback against Maryland. The kind of win really good teams get.

12. Auburn--This is still a good team but they played a very bad game.

13. Virginia Tech

14. Boise St.--I don't see how this team doesn't rise very high by the end of the year.

15. Missouri--I really like this team a lot. A very impressive win.

16. Clemson--Nice comeback win over Wake Forest

17. Oregon

18. Iowa

19. LSU

20. Arkansas. Beautiful win over Auburn

21. Oklahoma--Normally I would always root for Oklahoma against Texas. But if Oklahoma had gone undefeated after the Oregon loss, we never would have heard the end of the referee thing.

22. Georgia

23. Nebraska

24. Boston College

25. Rutgers. I can't believe I am putting Rutgers in my Top 25. I keep trying to resist but what can I do? They keep winning.

Close--UCLA, Wisconsin, Florida St., Washington, Pittsburgh