Wednesday, December 31, 2008

City List, 2008

Since I'm sitting here half-sick rather than going out for New Year's (woo-hoo), thought I'd contribute to this little deal and list the cities I stayed at least one night in in 2008. From Dan Lewis. Why the hell not.

1. Georgetown, TX
2. Boise, ID
3. Springfield, OR
4. Southbridge, MA
5. Hyde Park, NY
6. Mount Vernon, NY
7. Lisbon, Portugal
8. Evora, Portugal
9. Santa Cruz, Bolivia
10. Coachabamba, Bolivia
11. La Paz, Bolivia
12. Sucre, Bolivia
13. Potosi, Bolivia
14. Copacabana, Bolivia
15. Uyuni, Bolivia
16. Tupiza, Bolivia
17. Various "roads" on overnight bus trips, Bolivia
18. Alexandria, VA
19. Albuquerque, NM
20. South Padre Island, TX
21. Houston, TX
22. Corpus Christi, TX
23. Denton, TX
24. Dallas, TX
25. Lake Charles, LA
26. Louisville, KY
27. Cooperstown, NY
28. Amsterdam, NY
29. Calgary, AB, Canada
30. Austin, TX

Jesus, that's a lot. It's also why I should not be owning a cat. Still, what can I do?