Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Conservapedia's Entry on Henry Kissinger

In the comment thread to this Dave Noon post over at LG&M, many people were playing with Conservapedia ("The Trustworthy Encyclopedia"!) and laughing about the Obama entry there. Obama's entry is indeed a gold-mine of laughs -among other things, he was "allegedly" born in Honolulu, he has referred to "my Muslim faith," and he could be sworn in on the Koran! (And the footnotes for every one of those is as funny as the claim they support).

However my favorite part of the Obama entry is the claim "President Obama will be the first person having ties to a known former terrorist to gain control over America's nuclear weapons." Of course, I thought of a previous member of the cabinet whose activities could be called "terrorist," so I went ahead and looked up Henry Kissinger's entry at Conservapedia.

Not so surprisingly, it's not as long as one might think (Wikipedia's entry being far more detailed). For example, in dealing with Latin America, the entry devotes an entire 169 words, and only mentions Chile in detail - no Argentina, Paraguay, Ecuador, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico - nobody. And on Chile, it simply claims, "Kissinger and Nixon permitted covert operations by the CIA and military]] designed to destabilize the anti-American Allende regime in Chile. Allende was overthrown by the Chilean military with no help from the U.S., but hatred of Kissinger on the left escalated another notch as their favorite regime collapsed. " Nevermind those declassified documents that show how close Kissinger and Pinochet were in bed after the latter launched mass murder and torture, and nevermind those documents that put CIA agents on the ground when the coup took place. Kissinger is just blamed because of the hatred of Kissinger on the left!

No doubt, Conservapedia defendants would claim Wikipedia's length and detail is just due to "leftists filled with hatred" for Kissinger, but given how vaguely Conservapedia glosses over some key portions of Kissinger's acts, or even totally ignores them (as in the case of the Khmer Rouge, East Timor, or anywhere in Africa, particularly Angola), it seems far more likely that Kissinger is such an unforgiveable piece of filth, even Conservapedia doesn't have that much good to say about him. And that truly is amazing, given the steaming piles of allegations that pass at Conservapedia.