Monday, December 15, 2008


Wow, I'm really thrilled to see Caroline Kennedy as the frontrunner for the New York senate seat. I mean, her complete lack of qualifications and experience really makes me feel good about our political system. Wish I had a name like Kennedy (or Bush) so that I could avoid actually having to work in order to be appointed to first-rate posts.

Call me bitter or jealous or whatever of not having advantages growing up (well, except being a white guy which is a freaking huge advantage), or of having gone to relatively pedestrian schools, but this is outrageous. Shouldn't people be rewarded who have dedicated their lives to progressive politics (or conservative politics for that matter) rather than giving a senate seat to someone who has never played any active role in politics before 2008 but who has a big name? She doesn't even want to campaign for it. It's not as if New York doesn't have a dozen great candidates for the position who have actually earned it, starting with Nydia Velazquez, who withdrew from contention today, presumably because she knows it's probably going to Kennedy.

Go democracy!