Sunday, December 14, 2008

Most. Disgusting. Museum. EVER.

Next time in Chile, make sure to stop by the Pinochet Foundation Museum!

Family and friends of former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet quietly inaugurated a museum in his memory on Friday, replete with uniforms and medals he wore, to the horror of victims of his rule.
Among items displayed at the new Pinochet Foundation museum in an upscale quarter of the capital, Santiago, are the last uniform he used as commander in chief of the Chilean Army along with dozens of his medals.
"I am happy because this is a way of doing some justice to what he represented and what he did," said Lucia Hiriart, his widow, flanked by family and some former ministers and retired military. The event was low-key. [I wonder why - Mr. Trend.]

I can't even begin to describe what could be done to bring some justice on Pinochet and his family - it's too inappropriate, even for this blog. Justice can and never will be done to what he did, and the fact that his family is trying to create a museum to show he was a "hero" is stomach-churning. I certainly didn't expect Pinochet's survivors to have any shame, but this is truly diving to new lows. What a truly despicable, contemptible family.