Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Worst Progressive Blogger?

Does M.J. Rosenberg ever write a useful column? Sometimes, but not too often. Today, he slams on Caroline Kennedy's critics for saying that she should have experience. He says experience is not the most important thing--well, duh. But he's also changing the debate--it's not only about her not having experience, it's about her coming out of nowhere, not being in politics for almost her whole life, and basically demanding the seat because of her name. At least Hillary a) won an election and b) had clear and massive political expertise.

But this kind of thing is all too typical of Rosenberg. He's been playing the Caroline card for awhile now, but today he goes too far.

Here he takes a gratuitous shot at Bill Ayers, calling him an unrepentant terrorist and comparing him to Scooter Libby. That he never heard of Bill Ayers before this year makes me question his knowledge straight away--not that everyone needed to know who this was but you would think that a middle-aged writer for a leading lefty publication would have some knowledge of the Weather Underground. I'm not defending Ayers, but who cares about him and why would you say this after the election?

To be fair, Rosenberg does write well about the Middle East and Israeli-Palestinian relations. But I wish he kept to those topics.