Monday, December 15, 2008


Is it just me, or does iTunes kind of suck? Every other album I want to buy isn't in the system. I do have reasonably obscure musical tastes, but not so obscure that iTunes shouldn't have most of what I want. All these albums I can't get there are available on Amazon. Why can't I get Ray Price's Nightlife? Or Al Stewart's Between the Wars? Or the new Gibson Brothers album, Iron and Diamonds? Or the third disc of The Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs separately since I already have the first two discs? But it only lets you buy it as a set. Bah.

I still buy about 1/2 of my albums on CD, in part because I like liner notes, in part because I like the physical nature of CDs, and in part because when I take CDs into my office, I have trouble remembering what I have burned from the computer and put in alphabetical order, so the albums purchased on iTunes don't get listened to as often.

I guess iTunes and other systems are the future. OK, but they had better get a more complete catalog. We don't all like to listen to Beyonce, or whatever she is calling herself today.