Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Possible New Year's Resolution

I know this is a strange New Year's Resolution for an academic to make, but I'm wondering if I should vow to watch more TV this year.

Sure that sounds crazy. Don't I have better things to do with my time? I'm not sure. The sheer amount of quality shows of the last 5 years that I have either not seen or have seen very little of is staggering. The only shows that I have more than passing familiarity with are Deadwood, Arrested Development, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Even The Sopranos is a show I've probably seen 5 episodes of. I've never seen an episode of Rome or Big Love or The Wire. I've never seen Weeds or Mad Men. I think I've seen about 10 minutes of an episode of Monk.

So maybe I should watch more TV. What else am I missing?