Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Reflections

Another year gone. Wow.

Thanks to everyone on here, both writers and commenters, for making this by far the most fulfilling year of blogging so far.

10 really positive things in my life this year:

1. Solidifying a really awesome relationship. Finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with is hard. Very satisfying when it happens.

2. Going to Bolivia. Wow, that was awesome. The sketchiness of traveling there only makes it more so I think.

3. Going to Europe for the first time. It's about damn time.

4. Becoming a really good teacher. A bit self-proclaiming I admit, but I think I have really improved on my teaching this year. It's always a work in progress, but teaching is far and away my favorite thing about academia and it is something I care about deeply. I hope next year, I can say that I have continued to improve.

5. Obama!

6. Discovering Arthur Russell. Where were you my whole life?

7. My Oregon Ducks ending their year by beating Oklahoma State in the Holiday Bowl last night. Hook 'em Ducks!

8. Defending my dissertation.

9. Going to Connecticut and Massachusetts for the first time. New England is great. So is New York. That includes the winter. Bring on the cold and snow!

10. My cat. Torvald!

And 5 not so good things:

1. The economic collapse pulling the rug from underneath the job market. Ouch.

2. Ending the year with the flu. Bah.

3. Not getting outside enough. Lazy, lazy man.

4. Crappy movies. I know 2007 was awesome and everything, but did we have to have a truly dreadful year to even it out? Have there been any good Hollywood movies this year?

5. Rooting for the Seattle Mariners. Jesus Christ.

I hope you all have fun tonight.