Thursday, December 04, 2008

More Optimism

From TNR. (h/t Feministe)

In the Democratic primaries, Barack Obama first distinguished himself in the area of foreign policy; criticizing an atrophied approach to international affairs in both parties, he promised a new approach to diplomacy and national security. As the country waits impatiently for inauguration day, his appointments in those areas indicate that change is indeed on the agenda: In a major adjustment for the realms of foreign policy and national security, his new approach will be led by women.

. . . The diversity of their paths to power is also an encouraging sign of future egalitarianism in the national security establishment. At least a few of the major players, including [Susan] Rice, Power, and Sewall, studied issues and areas that were not traditionally perceived as primary in national security, such as conflict resolution, failed states, and post-conflict management. Rice, for example, is an Africa expert succeeding a long line of predecessors who were mostly students of the Cold War and of European politics. Sewall and Power have devoted great energy to humanitarian issues, with Power's rise to prominence sparked by her Pulitzer-winning book on genocide. Under a Cold War model, these focuses might not have been paths to prominence; but in an era of international terrorism, counter-insurgency, and failed states as a major security problem, they are vital areas of expertise.

. . .Obama's appointments are an extremely positive indication of the direction of his administration--not only for women, but for capable management and thought in vital areas of policy. The combination of generational change, different perspectives and backgrounds, and solidification of opportunity for people who have been shut out of these areas is good news for all of us. Best of all, this is just the beginning.

Otherwise known as Dear PUMAs, eat shit.

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