Friday, February 29, 2008

Mister Trend's Random 10

Ah, much praise as he gets for his work with VU and for Transformer, I think Coney Island Baby is his best solo album. While I like a lot of his albums, I don't think there's a single one (including Berlin, which I think is the tightest concept album ever, as well as the most depressing album ever) that is as consistently great from start to finish, and shows a level of emotion that Reed albums hadn't really shown up to that point, and didn't always show beyond that point. It's really one of the more overlooked albums of the 1970s.

1. "Bad Moon Rising" - Creedence Clearwater Revival
2. "Rettic AC" - Autechre
3. "Louisiana Bound" - Ishmon Bracey & Charley Taylor
4. "Mushroom" - Can
5. "The First Time I Met the Blues" - Little Brother Montgomery
6. "Beatles a Granel" - Tom Zé
7. "She's My Best Friend" - Lou Reed
8. "(Honey) It's Tight Like That" - Tampa Red
9. "Folha Morta" - Maria Bethânia
10. "Lopsided" - At the Drive-In