Thursday, February 21, 2008

My New Favorite Humor Blog

When Joe Mathelete went on hiatus (he's recently returned), I had to find a new source of blog-comedy (blomedy?), and Stuff White People Like has come through in spectacular fashion.

Satricial? Yep. True? More often than not (I am a white person, and I do indeed like things like recycling, standing still at concerts, and Arrested Development, although nothing on the list is universal, nor does it claim to be - I don't care about Japan, I don't go to ethnic restaurants only if I'm the only white person there, and I don't like any of these songs, though I know plenty of people who do). Overstated? Occasionally. Offensive? Probably (at least to some).

But it's very funny and often rather biting on many social and cultural items (on the Toyota Prius: "The Toyota Prius gets 45 miles per gallon. That’s right, you can drive 45 miles and burn only one gallon of gasoline. So somehow, through marketing or perception, the Prius lets people think that driving their car is GOOD for the environment. It’s a pretty sweet deal for white people. You can buy a car, continue to drive to work and Barak Obama rallies and feel like you are helping the environment! Some white people decide to pull the ultimate move. Prius, Apple Sticker on the back, iPod rocking, and Democratic Candidate bumper sticker. Unstoppable!" Good times.