Monday, February 25, 2008

Quick Oscar Notes

I have very little time to write today, but let me throw down a few quick notes on the awards last night.

1. Tilda Swinton is awesome. She is seriously weird. And that's a good thing coming from artists. Her fashion statement last night kind of summed that up--between the dress and the super intense hair. But she is great and I am glad she won.

2. I am fine with No Country winning but I am bit disappointed that it wasn't There Will Be Blood. I can't help but feeling Blood is just a better film. I was surprised to see Cormac McCarthy there. I guess if you are going to come out of your reclusive lifestyle, why not do it at the Oscars.

3. Cameron Diaz may be the stupidest person in Hollywood. And that is saying something.

4. Damn, I was hoping Norbit would win the Academy Award. That would have been awesome.

5. The Oscar people have to chill with cutting people off. They looked really bad when they cut Marketa Iglova off before she had the chance to say anything. That they gave her extra time was a really great thing. Don't know if Stewart was behind that or not. But after that, they stopped cutting people off. Flexibility people, flexibility.

6. I was sad as always when the academy members who died came up. Ingmar Bergman and Heath Ledger of course were major bummers. I had forgotten that Jean-Claude Brialy died. Brialy was the star of Eric Rohmer's Claire's Knee. A great film.

7. I can sit down and watch something like that exactly one time during the year. No more. Especially seeing the god-awful production numbers for best song. Ugh.