Friday, October 03, 2008

Erik Loomis, Maverick

I have decided to declare myself a maverick.

Since John McCain and Sarah Palin openly declare their mavericktude, I figured, why can't I? It's true, I support 95% of the Democratic Party's platform. But I can also speak all folksy-like. And no doubt, if I were a legislator, I also would give a speech or two talking about how I was different than my party before capitualting on every issue.

You can really see my maverickosity in my music choices. Only a maverick would claim that Desire is Bob Dylan's best album. Or that Tonight the Night is Neil Young's greatest work. Only Washington insiders and Wall Street Fat Cats think Harvest is Young's best album. Aren't you all totally blown away by how independent-minded I am!

And since we can now just declare characteristics about ourselves, I would also like to say that I am a man of incredible integrity. Also, modesty is my best quality.

I fully expect the readership of this blog to increase by like 10 times and to gain a national following after fully establishing my unquestionable maverickness.