Thursday, October 25, 2007

Run Tom Run

We should all support this effort to get Tom Udall to run for the Senate in New Mexico.

I'm having a really hard time understanding Udall. I know he has a powerful position on the House Appropriations Committee. But you have so much more power with even a junior Senate seat. Plus, couldn't he negotiate with his party for some good committee assignments.

It's also almost a sure win. He is polling about 16 points ahead of both Heather Wilson and Steve Pearce. Meanwhile, Martin Chavez polls even with them and would make a great ally of Joe Lieberman. To top it off, Udall's district is safely Democratic.

The same here goes for Peter DeFazio in Oregon. At least DeFazio has the excuse of running against an incumbent. Udall has a relative cakewalk into the Senate. For the good of his state, his party, and his nation, Tom Udall needs to run for the Senate.