Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Random Music Observations (III)

With the firestorm over my previous two installments of "Random Music Observations" having died down, it's time to mix it up again. So, without further ado.....

-Despite all the love he gets (especially from my age demographic), I’m going to say it: I hate Dave Matthews. It’s nothing more than vanilla music for a vanilla generation. (And he most DEFINITELY falls into number 4 from this batch of observations).

-Sigur Rós may be Icelandic fuck music, but it’s great Icelandic fuck music.

-Madonna’s music is overrated. The greatest thing (and I have nothing but respect for this) that she ever did was convincing the world that if she just changed her image from album to album, the music must be good and she must be able to sing well and write well. But musically, it’s David Bowie, only without the really interesting parts.

-Sebadoh’s “The Freed Pig” is a really, really great single.

-The worst crowd I ever saw at a rock show was at a Fleetwood Mac show in 1997. While reunion tours are generally shit, the Mac was fucking great (and I’m not a huge fan, but they still had “it”). Unfortunately, the crowd was absurdly drunk, and there’s nothing quite like seeing (or being forced to see) 40-something drunk women who have put on 50 pounds since college still trying to squeeze into their tiny, leather-and-lace/witch-like Stevie Nicks outfits. Ugh.