Saturday, October 27, 2007


I have to comment at least briefly on the USC-Oregon game this afternoon. This is one of the biggest games in Oregon history. A win here and they are legitimate national title contenders, especially since the chances of either Boston College or Arizona St. going undefeated seems remote.

Oregon is favored but commentators are split on the game, as they should be. Everyone is talking about how Oregon hasn't faced a defense like USC. True enough. But USC surely has faced no Oregon either. In fact, they haven't faced anyone worth a damn. Mark May last night projected that USC would hold Oregon to under 21 points. USC might win, but holding Oregon down like that is highly unlikely. I think it will be a tight game with both teams putting up a good number of points. But I have to pick Oregon against a team that lost to Stanford and almost lost to Arizona.

Oregon wins 38-27. USC goes on to lose 4 games this season.

UPDATE--Oregon rocks!!! What a great win. With all due respect to Ohio St., it is fairly self-evident at this point that LSU and Oregon are the two best teams in the country with Ohio St. and West Virginia right behind them.