Wednesday, July 01, 2009


We are starting to see logical proposals for compromise in Honduras.

The proposals that have been floated include an offer of amnesty for those responsible for Mr. Zelaya’s ouster in return for his reinstatement and a guarantee that he will not seek another term. Fears that Mr. Zelaya had been plotting to undermine the Constitution and extend his tenure were among the driving forces behind his expulsion from the country at the hands of the military over the weekend.

This makes sense. Punishment for the coup leaders seems politically untenable. Zelaya brought some of this upon himself through trying to change the Constitution to seek an additional term; this would preclude that possibility. It´s basically status quo ante bellum plus Zelaya respecting the Constitution. That the OAS is taking the lead on this rather than the U.S. is even better. I suspect we will see some version of this compromise passed by the beginning of next week. The Honduran parliament loathes Zelaya and there will definitely be some strong resistance, but there´s no way the new government can hold up to this kind of international pressure, particularly when backed by the World Bank suspending projects in the nation.