Monday, August 14, 2006

All Cubans Don't Think Like Miami Cubans? I Can't Believe It!!!

I am shocked, SHOCKED!!!! that the Cuban people weren't dancing in the streets like in Miami when Fidel Castro got sick. This New York Times article expresses the perplexity that everyone felt who knew absolutely nothing about Cuba when the Cuban people didn't rise in instant revolution against the Castro regime.

This quote killed me:

“American policy toward Cuba has always been based on the fragility of the Cuban system,” said Philip Peters, an expert on Cuba at the Lexington Institute, a policy group based in Virginia that promotes free-market economics. “There is this predicate in our policies that the Cuban system is one that can be pushed over with one finger, and that has not been the case.”

Ha Ha Ha Ha--this is so surprising--a free-market think tank doesn't actually understand anything about the world? Who knew?? I will never cease to be amused at the self-delusion of the Castro haters. It's just so shocking that at least some Cuban people would realize that they are better off under Castro than they were under Batista and probably would be under an American supported regime.

This quote's great too:

“We were ill-prepared for the eventuality of continuity rather than change,” said Dami├ín Fern├índez, director of the Cuban Research Institute at Florida International University, referring to policy makers in Washington and Miami. “All our policies have been built on a foundation of wishful thinking. Now we are confronted with reality, and it’s not what we had hoped it would be."

Yeah, God forbid one actually think of the world in terms of reality.