Saturday, August 19, 2006

CIA and Crack

From Roxanne via Scott--this story from the LA Times about the now 10 year old story that the CIA facilitated the supply of crack into inner-city communities in the 1980s.

10 years ago I didn't quite understand the CIA. Maybe I still don't but I know a whole lot more than I did then. Then, I didn't think it was possible. Why would they do that, I asked. Now I still don't know the extent that the CIA was involved, but it is clearly possible. A combination with a right-wing government organization during the Reagan presidency that clearly didn't care about blacks and the desire to see the Contras win at any human cost certainly could have led to the CIA at least turning their heads the other way to Nicaraguan dealers.

In fact, given the nefarious nature of the CIA and the known bizarro projects they engaged in over the years (funneling money to abstract artists to turn the art world against socialist realism for instance or the quixotic attempts to kill Castro), it actually seems quite plausible now that I write about it.