Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pass me what they're smoking...

(And in a rare non-political, non-musical, non-film blog post here....)

So a panel on ESPN did their pre-season college football rankings. I'm partisan, and would normally enjoy Ohio State being number two. But not when they put TEXAS ahead of Ohio.


They praised Texas's "depth." Who knew that when you had to PICK a quarterback from two kids, neither of whom has EVER started a game in college, that that could be considered depth?

They also praised the number of "playmakers" on Texas. Who knew that, when you lose the one guy who made every major play happen on your team last year, ONE GUY who single-handedly beat Ohio State in the second week and USC in the title game, that led to you suddenly having a flourishing and bountiful number of "playmakers?"

They discussed the "challenges" of the "Big" 12. Who knew that having a crappy conference that ranked lower than (in no particular order) the Big Ten, the Pac Ten, the SEC, the ACC, and (some would even suggest) the Big East, you suddenly were in a major and difficult conference? I didn't realize teams beating the snot out of Indiana State in the non-conference schedule beefed them up for games against Oklahoma and Texas in the (let's be honest) "Mid-Sized" Twelve.

Am I partisan? Sure. I'm partisan towards smoking whatever those guys were on. Must be some good shit.