Monday, August 21, 2006

NCAA Top 25--Preseason Rankings

Each week this year, I'll be giving my college top 25 rankings with comments for some teams. Also, look for Lyrad and myself to put out an NFL preview toward the end of this week.

1. Ohio St.--I was going to put Oklahoma in this spot but the loss of Bomar changes that. I have trouble buying a convincing argument for any team other than Ohio St. at this point. Looking forward to that Texas game.

2. West Virginia--They may not be the 2nd best team, but you can certainly make a better case for them going undefeated than any team in the country.

3. Florida--Urban Meyer in his second year should lead this team to great things. Too bad because I hate Florida.

4. Auburn--It seems like Auburn should have won a national championship in my lifetime. Maybe it'll be this year.

5. LSU--But Auburn would have to beat a solid LSU team.

6. USC--They have to replace a lot. They might have the best talent in football but it's hard to see them not making a misstep or two along the way.

7. California--I believe this is a very solid team that could make a real run. They play at Tennessee early. It should tell us a lot.

8. Oklahoma--No Bomar, but they still have Adrian Peterson and that means a lot. Also the Big 12 is the most overrated conference in football so they should do pretty well.

9. Louisville--A lot of firepower and a favorable schedule makes for a dangerous team. Looking forward to Louisville-West Virginia.

10. Texas--There is no way this is a #1 or #2 team. No Vince Young. No QB with any experience. Tons of starters lost. I know they have a lot of talent and in 2007 this could be a champion level team again. But not this year.

11. Michigan--Maybe this will be the year they play up to expectations. A fairly weak Big 10 will help.

12. Oregon--A tough early schedule but I could see them making a solid run. The QBs getting experience last year after Clemens got hurt last year makes a huge difference, as does nearly beating Oklahoma in the Holiday Bowl.

13. Notre Dame--I am not a believer. Notre Dame played an incredibly easy schedule last year. Yes, they almost beat USC but Ohio St. showed just how undeserved ND's BCS bid was.

14. Miami--Also not a believer in this team. I imagine they'll be pretty good and might even win the ACC, but they seem to be on a downward cycle.

15. Virginia Tech--They could easily win the ACC too, especially with the distraction of Marcus Vick gone.

16. TCU--They could go undefeated this year in the Mountain West.

17. Georgia--They lost a lot but it's hard to see them slipping too far.

18. Florida St--I'm really tempted to place them even lower. The Miami game early in the season will be interesting.

19. Utah--Pretty good team, weak conference. It's TCU, Utah, and a bunch of scrubs in the Mountain West this year.

20. Iowa--I can't lie--I know nothing about this team. But it seems like a good spot for probably the #3 team in the Big 10.

21. Arizona St.--They should be tough this year. But everyone said that last year too.

22. Clemson--Could be the sleeper in the ACC.

23. South Carolina--Sleeper of the SEC in Spurrier's second year.

24. Boise St.--Never count out the power of this team.

25. Arizona--I think this is a fast rising team. They will upset some people this year. Mike Stoops is a great recruiter.

Major teams not making it:

Nebraska (wait and see), Penn St. (lost a lot and last year was probably a fluke), Tennessee (terrible last year and tons of discipline problems already), Alabama (just not that good), Texas Tech (they could make a run but I'm not ready to say that yet)