Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Dangers of Teaching

Today was my first real class of the semester. I'm lecturing and I move my hands a lot. I do this when I talk anyway. So I thrust my hands into my pocket and get a wicked hangnail that starts bleeding all over the place. I start sucking my finger and I have to tell my students why. They now think I'm crazy, which to be fair they would have figured out pretty quickly anyway. I'm still talking and writing on the board of course while all this is going on and I get blood all over this piece of chalk, which is of course really gross and I end up looking at all the pieces of chalk after class to find it so that I throw it away because nothing would be more disgusting than being the next instructor in that room, picking up the piece of chalk, and finding it covered with blood.

I wonder if I can get workers' comp for this.