Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lamont-Lieberman is a Litmus Test

I'm not usually a big fan of litmus tests in my politics. I appreciate a diversity of views. Theoretically, I could even see supporting someone in '08 who thought that we should stay in Iraq. But there is one definite litmus test. Reed Hundt, at TPM Cafe, argues that all major Democrats, beginning with the Clintons, should come out in support of Ned Lamont.

I will take this argument one step further and say that any Democrat who even wants the briefest consideration in 2008 needs to do this immediately. Any suggestion of supporting Lieberman is grounds for immediate disqualification for my vote. Supporting Lieberman is a disgrace to the party and to the values that the party's voters hold dear. Even trying to stay out of the race is unacceptable--a full and unqualified support of Ned Lamont is necessary and I look forward to hearing leading Democrats give him this support in the upcoming days.