Monday, August 14, 2006

At last, some sanity in this country

In this weekend's New York Times online, the paper, in light of the reminder that even Castro is mortal, asked what the US should do about Cuba. Mercifully, almost all responses were the same: leave it the hell alone. They ranged from pointing out our "success" in state-formation (note to the press, pundits, and society in general: nation-building is a different thing people - PLEASE read Eric Hobsbawm) in Iraq to the fact that the U.S. policy has been out of date for, oh, say, only 45 years.

It's so nice to see that the American populace can be aware that it isn't this country's job to meddle in every country we deem "worthy" for whatever supposedly altruistic motivations (oh, I don't know, like....oil?). Certainly, the NY Times' demographic isn't likely to be the same as the Bill O'Reilly group. Still, it's really nice to see that Americans do actually still think.