Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wake Up Wal-Mart Tour

Yesterday I saw the bus for the Wake Up Wal-Mart Tour, possibly coming to a city near you. That is, if you live in a city that already opposes the environmental, planning, and labor policies of Wal-Mart. I'm happy enough to attack Wal-Mart because of these terrible policies. But what is the point of a bus tour that simply hits the liberal centers of America while almost skipping entirely the regions where Wal-Mart is the strongest. The tour began on the East Coast, went through the Great Lakes region, then busted ass through the Midwest clearly because they had no other way to go, got to New Mexico and is heading toward California and the West Coast. But Wal-Mart is strongest on the Great Plains and in the South. Why not go there?

The last thing we need is another preaching to the converted tour. Why not go to Arkansas, Oklahoma, and South Carolina if you want to take it to Wal-Mart. Tell the people who still think Wal-Mart is the greatest thing ever how bad the country is. What are those trips to San Francisco and Seattle going to accomplish? No doubt lots of college kids who would never shop there anyway will show up. Big deal.

It just seems totally pointless to me unless you go to Tulsa, Birmingham, and Savannah as well as Madison, Santa Monica, and Detroit.