Monday, August 28, 2006

NFL Preview: NFC

I've been slacking so Lyrad got his AFC preview out first. I have no system. Just a gut feeling.

NFC East
1. New York. I don't actually like any of these NFC North teams. In fact, generally the NFC is like the AFC was in the early 90s. Pathetic with a good team or two. But I'll take New York here. I think Eli Manning will progress decently and Tiki Barber will have another good season in him. But they are getting sick of Tom Coughlin's act so they could go anywhere from 12-4 to 6-10. I think it'll be closer to the former but it could go either way.

2. Philadelphia. A team without any good running backs or wide receivers. But they are still experienced and solid. If McNabb stays healthy, they should compete for a wild card spot.

3. Dallas. Everyone's favorite for the Super Bowl. Give me a break. Even if TO is healthy and trying, this is not a Super Bowl team, even in the NFC. Drew Bledsoe? Yeah, right. Hell, I heard Chris Mortensen compare Tony Romo to Tom Brady last week on the Dan Patrick Show, since Romo could step in to this solid team and to what Brady did. Uh, no. I do like the defense Parcells has put together but it's not enough.

4. Washington. This has all the makings of a disaster. Preseason doesn't mean too much but they are getting blown out. Could be the worst team in the NFC.

NFC North.

God what a pathetic division.

1. Chicago. I guess I'll go with the Bears here at about 8-8. The defense is pretty good. Rex Grossman? Yeah, I don't know about that. But who else are you going to pick?

2. Minnesota. Maybe the Vikings could take this but they aren't very good. Still dealing with the messes of last year and then Koren Robinson blows his career up again. Bad team.

3. Detroit. Kitna at least provides a little stability as this team tries to get it together. Probably a slight improvement over last year. Still a bad team.

4. Green Bay. Hate to see Favre go out this way but he should have retired. A terrible team.

NFC South

Probably the best division in the NFC, top to bottom.

1. Carolina--Seattle's only real competition for the Super Bowl. Solid, experienced team. No glaring weaknesses. Clearly not a great team and probably only a wildcard team in the AFC. But more than good enough here.

2. Atlanta. One of these days, Vick has to put it together and do something doesn't he? Maybe. I think they are good enough for the playoffs anyway.

3. Tampa Bay. A team still in transition. Chris Simms might be OK long-term. I don't know. But they won't suck.

4. New Orleans. Clearly a team on the rise. Drew Brees was a huge improvement over Aaron Brooks and Reggie Bush gives fans a reason to come again. They are still weak in a lot of areas but I like them over the next 2-3 years.

NFC West.

1. My Seattle Seahawks. Clearly the class of the NFC. The whole Super Bowl loser not making the playoffs the next year hex is just stupid. Assuming Hasselbeck and Alexander don't both get hurt, it's hard to see them not winning this division going away. Losing Steve Hutchison sucks but getting Nate Burleson and Julian Peterson helps a lot.

2. St. Louis. Obviously a team in major transition but they still have enough weapons to make things interesting. I hope Steven Jackson does well because I spent way too much money on him in my fantasy draft. I also hate the Rams. I thought that when the Seahawks switched to the NFC, it would take years to have a rivalry I cared about. Then the Rams beat the Seahawks 3 times in 2004. So I hate them a great deal. I hope they go 0-16.

3. Arizona. Lots of people are picking the Cardinals to make the playoffs. Whatever. They're the Cardinals. Great receivers but I don't think paying all that money to Edgerrin James does much at all. And Kurt Warner is still the QB.

4. San Francisco. They are going to be paying for picking Alex Smith for a long time. I have a hard time thinking they get out of this spot for the next several years. I did like them picking Vernon Davis in the draft. Could be the league's next dominant TE.


Divisional Winners--New York, Chicago, Carolina, Seattle
Wild Cards--Atlanta, Philadelphia
NFC Title Game--Seattle defeats Carolina.

Go Seahawks!