Saturday, August 12, 2006


I know that at this point, I should no longer show even the slightest hint of surprise at the sheer incompetence of the Bush administration's Iraq policy. I know that even a tiny bit of competence is too much to ask from these ideologues. But in reading Peter Galbraith's story of his days in Baghdad after the invasion, I was once again completely thunderstruck at the sheer idiocy of Rumsfeld and Bush.

Galbraith relates that the US military didn't even secure the most obvious sites in Baghdad. He himself found the personnel files of Uday Hussein's Saddam Fedayeen and he walked in to unsecured places such as Saddam's foreign ministry and Uday's house. The documents that Galbraith found should have been of immense intelligence value to the US, not to mention important historical value for understanding the hell of Saddam's Iraq. The US had no interest in these documents at all.

How? What? Why?

What complete idiots. My God. What complete idiots.