Friday, August 04, 2006

DFW Notes

Sitting in the Dallas airport on a flight delay, I noticed a couple of things.

1. I never believed in terrorism. Until now. The DFW airport has a Dallas Cowboys pro shop. If there was ever a need for a bomb, I believe this is it.

Speaking of the Cowboys, I can't wait for all the fools picking the Cowboys to go to the Super Bowls to say how wrong they were. This is the same team as last year except with Terrell Owens. What could go wrong? Oh, I don't know. TO could be himself. Drew Bledsoe is even a year older than last year (is he 50 yet?). If TO couldn't deal with McNabb, how is he going to be with Drew Freaking Bledsoe?

On a related note, I found Texas being ranked #2 in the first college football poll laughable. Not only do they not have Vince Young, their backup QB last year was a senior. You don't go undefeated without a QB with some experience.

2. I just found out that the San Jose airport has been named after legendary Clinton and Bush Cabinet Secretary Norman Mineta. Why?

3. I am listening to the airport CNN. They are playing a story on Cuba, interviewing some family who fled after the Revolution and who have spent the last 47 years "waiting for democracy to return to Cuba." Nothing screams democracy like the regime of Fulgenico Batista. What, you say! An American supported regime is not always a democracy. Shocking.